Our cares

Are they natural?
Are they vegan?
Are the treatments certified organic?
Do the treatments contain perfume?
Do the treatments contain allergens?
Where are they made?
Is care appropriate from birth?

Our bottles - Packaging

What is the material of your bottles and caps?
Are they biodegradable?
For Luxembourg
For France
Are the labels compostable?
Where can I find the dosing pump?
Has it been tested with care?
Is the pump reusable?
How to recycle the pump?
What ink do you use for gift boxes?
Are boxes, shipping boxes and gift boxes compostable?
How should they be recycled?
Is your stationery compostable?
How should they be recycled?

Deliveries and returns

What are the delivery times ?
Do you ship internationally?
What are the delivery rates?
What to do in the event of a delivery problem?
My order is a gift, how will it be processed?

The actions of Fleurs de Peau

Which NGOs does Fleurs de Peau support?
How can we contribute to this?
How can we track our donations?

Contact us